Online Workshop: Deploying Your Vision and Strategy

When:  Jun 4, 2024 from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM (ET)
Unlock Organizational Excellence: Develop and activate your vision and strategy

In today's dynamic social/political landscape, having a clear vision and a well-defined strategy is crucial for organizational success. This workshop is designed to empower leaders and their teams with the tools needed to use your vision and strategic plan to achieve excellence and define the future within the context of your local situation. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a front-line employee, this workshop will equip you with actionable insights to drive meaningful change. We will discuss how to assess your vision and strategic plan and how to cascade it effectively and successfully throughout the organization. 

  • Discover a simple, yet powerful assessment instrument to evaluate the quality and implementation of your strategy.
  • Explore strategies for effectively communicating your vision and strategy through use of a case study of how a local government reached beyond the executive level to ensure that staff understood and were inspired by the organization’s strategy.
  • Learn how to define your performance expectations and translate your strategy to front-line activities and behaviors.
  • Receive a curated list of transformational measures that form the basis for recognition, accountability, and refocusing strategic efforts.

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Workshop Information

This workshop is a live virtual event and will not be recorded, providing participants a safe space to discuss real-life leadership challenges.

All online workshops are presented via Zoom; check your computer's system requirements.

ICMA Practice Areas: [7] Strategic Planning