Streamlining Municipal Meetings: A Journey through Best Practices and Success Stories

When:  Feb 20, 2024 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)
Discover the keys to meeting efficiency in this free webinar from ICMA Strategic Partner eScribe.
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Are traditional meeting management challenges slowing down your municipality's progress? Discover the key to efficiency in our upcoming webinar, where success stories and best practices converge to transform your approach to meetings.


  1. Showcase Real-World Success: Feature a customer success story that illustrates the tangible benefits of efficient meeting management.
  2. Identify Common Challenges: Discuss and explore the challenges faced by clerks in traditional meeting management, fostering a shared understanding among participants.
  3. Highlight General Best Practices: Share general best practices for streamlining municipal meetings, emphasizing strategies that go beyond specific software solutions.
  4. Introduce Modern Solutions: Gradually introduce the concept of agenda meeting management software, emphasizing the need for modern solutions in addressing traditional challenges.
  5. Connect Solutions to Practices: Illustrate how eScribe aligns with and enhances the best practices discussed, providing a practical demonstration of its capabilities.
  6. Engage and Gather Insights: Interact with the audience through polls and discussions to gather insights into their current practices and challenges.
  7. Answer Questions and Provide Support: Create an open forum for questions, addressing both general meeting management practices and specifics about eScribe.