Delivering Productive Performance Evaluations

When:  Jan 26, 2022 from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM (ET)

While year-end performance reviews are often a source of anxiety for employees, they can also be stressful for managers as well. With salary determinations, organizational structure implications, and several other factors to consider, delivering a productive and effective evaluation can be a challenging addition to a manager's already-hefty workload. However, these reviews are one of the most crucial ways for supervisors to assess their employees' accomplishments and contributions, and are ultimately a way to promote good morale and help ensure retention of valuable staff members.

In this webinar, you'll join HR experts Carol Granfield, ICMA-CM and Sandy Stapczynski as they review best practices for delivering constructive and actionable performance evaluations. They will discuss:

  • The specifics of performance policies and accompanying procedures to follow
  • Guidelines for appraisal interviews
  • Techniques for designing and developing rating scales
  • How to factor in employee input throughout the process


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